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Divi feature requests


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Divi feature requests

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Divi Events Module

If you want to display “The Events Calendar” feed in Divi, there is not way to do this. Thanksfully there is a great new plugin called Divi Events Calendar Module that adds a new module to the builder.

Recommended Solution:

Divi Events Calendar Plugin

Total 83 Votes

Add Dynamic Custom Field Content Support for The Events Calendar In Divi

One of the most popular plugins is The Events Calendar. Wouldn’t it be great to design event pages with Divi? With the new Theme Builder, it should be possible…but it isn’t. This is very odd, and it needs to be reported to Elegant Themes by as many people as possible! Please open a ticket and request custom field/dynamic content support for The Events Calendar.

Total 96 Votes

Fix Text Widows In Divi

In typography, widows are words at the end of a sentence or paragraph that sit on their own line. They cause the design to look unbalanced, unprofessional, and awkward. This happens a lot, and many users don’t even realize it. This is due to all different screen sizes used to view your website every day. Some web designers will tweak the word count or add soft returns to text to make it look great on their desktop while forgetting that at any other screen size could look very bad. The problem seems impossible to fix, but there is one solution available from a very trusted Divi company called Pee-Aye Creative.

Recommended Solution:

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin

Total 65 Votes

Add A Divi Shortcode Module

As simple as it is to insert a shortcode in a Text Module or the Code Module, this is still one of the most confusing parts for new users. Other popular page buildings, including Gutenberg, have shortcode modules. This will add to the intutive nature of the builder for new and veteran users alike.

Total 55 Votes

Related Blog Posts Module

A related posts feature built into Divi would be very much appreciated, especially since it is next to impossible to properly add any other 3rd party related post plugin into a post using the Divi Builder. This could take on the form of dynamic content or have a module of its own.

Recommended Solution:

Related Articles of Any CPT Plugin

Total 48 Votes

Divi Blog Module Post Order Option

The ability to sort blog posts by newest or oldest would be great. There could even be options for most popular, most comments, featured, etc.

Total 276 Votes

Provide Native AMP Features and Support in Divi

We all know the future of web searches is mostly mobile, and as such, designs have to accommodate for that. Google is now indexing its own AMP standard for mobile first indexing, and we have to adapt. There are plugins that allow you to create alternate AMP layouts, but they are clunky and require two page designs.

It would be great if Divi were to integrate AMP building features into Divi. This way we can ditch the plugins and no longer need to develop two pages for future Google SEO work.

Total 152 Votes

Add Parallax To Mobile

Yes, parallax is disabled by the mobile browsers, but there are ways around this. There should be at least a feature to enable it in Divi. Like for example a toggle to “Force Parallax On Mobile.”

Total 73 Votes

Create A Divi Social Sharing Module

A much needed and long overdue new module is a social sharing module for Divi. There is a social follow module, but for blog posts and products we need to find other 3rd party plugins for this, and this can be very cumbersome. This is a fantastic opportunity for third-party developers!

Total 62 Votes

Enable Linkable Photos In Gallery Module

Add the ability to link to other pages for individual photos in the gallery module. This will allow users to present a gallery with one-click access to detailed descriptions, biographies of a collection of people, etc.

Total 39 Votes

Responsive Divi Table Module Needed

One of the most requested features from Divi users is the ability to create tables in their WordPress sites. This is something more advanced users can do with html and css, but for the average Divi user this is nearly impossible and requires finding a WordPress plugin. But when a table plugin is used, it is not easy to style it like Divi.

This feature request is a Divi table module that would come default by made by Elegant Themes. If any 3rd party developers are reading this, then I believe you have a huge opportunity here. Just search the Facebook groups and see for yourself!

Total 437 Votes

Switch to Open Street Maps or Embed Code

Switch to Open Street Maps or the Google Maps embed code for the Maps Module not that Google has pulled free support for the maps API. Google now requires a credit card and billing enabled so the maps plugin no longer functions unless you pay.

Recommended solution:

Embed A Google Map In Divi

Total 131 Votes

Improve Social Media Icon Settings

-A toggle to enable social icons on mobile header (currently they only appear on desktop)

-More social media toggles in Divi Settings – Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest – Google + is shutting down

-Ability to display email / phone number on the right + social icons on the left side of the header vs the current left / right

Total 41 Votes

Add [Admin Label] To Module Titles in Editor

When editing sections, rows, and modules it would be good to see the admin label at the top so you remember which item you’re editing. Instead of just saying ‘Text Module Settings’ at the top it would say ‘[Admin label] Text Module Settings’.

Total 14 Votes

Click to Edit Spacing vs Dragging to Edit

When in the Visual Builder mode, you would click on the number representing the pixels/percentage for your spacing then type in your specific preference vs dragging which can be buggy and jittery.

Total 15 Votes

Auto Generate Lorem Ipsum

The dummy text in Divi is great, but this feature could be extended to a lorem ipsum generator and include options for choosing the number of paragraphs, lists, heading, etc.

Total 53 Votes

Unify Page Import vs. Library Import

Ever get the message that a layout cannot be imported in this context? That’s because layouts that were previously exported from the library can’t be imported to a page, and layouts that were previously exported from a page can’t be imported to the library. Now with the Theme Builder, there is a THIRD option that again IS NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. There’s no current way to understand which layouts can be imported in which context.

Total 11 Votes

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