All Feature Requests

1. Responsive Divi Table Module Needed

Total 455 Votes

2. Divi Blog Module Post Order Option

Total 308 Votes

3. reCAPTCHA For Divi Contact Form

Total 287 Votes

4. Ability to Add Attachments in Contact Form Module

Total 251 Votes

5. Provide Native AMP Features and Support in Divi

Total 157 Votes

6. Switch to Open Street Maps or Embed Code

Total 151 Votes

7. More Sorting Options for Divi Gallery Images

Total 138 Votes

8. Add More Divi Breakpoints and Custom Preview Size In The Builder

Total 138 Votes

9. Adjust Responsive Breakpoint Values In Divi

Total 129 Votes

10. Choose A Divi Column Layout for Mobile

Total 109 Votes

11. Divi Events Module

Total 88 Votes

12. Use Gradient Over Parallax and Video Backgrounds

Total 81 Votes

13. Add Parallax To Mobile

Total 79 Votes

14. Fix Text Widows In Divi

Total 68 Votes

15. Create A Divi Social Sharing Module

Total 67 Votes

16. Use Builder Inside Other Modules Such As Tabs and Accordions

Total 66 Votes

17. New Divi Popup Modal Module

Total 66 Votes

18. Vertical Alignment Content In Columns

Total 66 Votes

19. Divi Contact Form Integration With 3rd Parties

Total 65 Votes

20. Breadcrumbs In Divi

Total 63 Votes

21. Auto Generate Lorem Ipsum

Total 61 Votes

22. Add A Divi Shortcode Module

Total 61 Votes

23. Native Divi Custom Post Type Builder

Total 60 Votes

24. Add More/3rd Party Icons To Divi + Enable Icons in Image Module

Total 53 Votes

25. Improve Social Media Icon Settings

Total 45 Votes

26. Enable Linkable Photos In Gallery Module

Total 42 Votes

27. Event Tracking in Contact Form Submissions

Total 38 Votes

28. Option for Blurb Icon/Image On the Right

Total 34 Votes

29. Revision History Within Divi Theme Options

Total 31 Votes

30. Make Adjustments To Vertical-Style Nav

Total 25 Votes

31. Add A Facebook Comments Section Using the Divi Builder

Total 20 Votes

32. Add [Admin Label] To Module Titles in Editor

Total 17 Votes

33. MailChimp Groups for Bloom and Email Optin Module

Total 17 Votes

34. Click to Edit Spacing vs Dragging to Edit

Total 16 Votes

35. Disable The Pesky Divi Builder Text Style Popup

Total 13 Votes

36. Unify Page Import vs. Library Import

Total 12 Votes