Our Mission

The mission of Divi Feature Requests is to provide a positive and productive outlet for your great feature requests. The requests on this site provide insight for Elegant Themes to continue the release of exciting feature updates and also shows the community’s support and loyalty for their wonderful product. The collected votes on this site provide an opportunity for the developers in the Divi community to be inspired to create solutions that ultimately benefit the entire Divi community.

Comment and Posting Policy

This site fully supports the work Elegant Themes is doing and endeavors to keep a positive perspective on all feature requests. Ranting or complaining is not considered a feature request. All requests will have a clear, concise, and positive presentation. Any comment that is deemed rude, inappropriate, demeaning, or unrelated to the benefit of Divi and it’s community and developers will not be published.

Use of Affiliate Links

This site provides helpful links to Divi related products that we feel solve a common problem or request. Some of these are affiliate links, which simply means the link is tracked and we are paid a small percentage of the sale if you buy the recommended product/solution. The revenue helps pay for the website hosting, moderation, and upkeep of the site.

Trademark Disclosure

Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes.

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