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Divi Events Module

If you want to display “The Events Calendar” feed in Divi, there is not way to do this. Thanksfully there is a great new plugin called Divi Events Calendar Module that adds a new module to the builder.

Recommended Solution:

Divi Events Calendar Plugin

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Fix Text Widows In Divi

In typography, widows are words at the end of a sentence or paragraph that sit on their own line. They cause the design to look unbalanced, unprofessional, and awkward. This happens a lot, and many users don’t even realize it. This is due to all different screen sizes used to view your website every day. Some web designers will tweak the word count or add soft returns to text to make it look great on their desktop while forgetting that at any other screen size could look very bad. The problem seems impossible to fix, but there is one solution available from a very trusted Divi company called Pee-Aye Creative.

Recommended Solution:

Divi Responsive Helper Plugin

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Add Parallax To Mobile

Yes, parallax is disabled by the mobile browsers, but there are ways around this. There should be at least a feature to enable it in Divi. Like for example a toggle to “Force Parallax On Mobile.”

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Switch to Open Street Maps or Embed Code

Switch to Open Street Maps or the Google Maps embed code for the Maps Module not that Google has pulled free support for the maps API. Google now requires a credit card and billing enabled so the maps plugin no longer functions unless you pay.

Recommended solution:

Embed A Google Map In Divi

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